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Behavioural research suggests the most effective people are those who understand themselves, and during my career I have learned the importance of understanding your strengths and weaknesses, so you can develop strategies to meet the demands of the environment you are in.


Earlier this year, I learned more about how I respond to problems and challenges, influence others from my point of view, respond to the pace of the environment, rules and procedures set by others and I’ve decided to share some of these insights into who I am, and my personality profile with you.

Kirstie's general characteristics:

Kirstie is an outgoing person who feels at home with strangers. She influences others through personal relationships, and her service to others can help to develop these relationships. She, as a manager, supervisor or group leader can use her skills to build group involvement and increase participation from the group. She believes in getting results through the people, prefers a team approach and is at her best when she has people working with her.

What Kirstie brings to the job:

  • She motivates others toward their goals

  • She can support or oppose strongly

  • She is optimistic and enthusiastic

  • She is inner-directed rather than tradition-directed and brings fresh ideas to solving problems

  • She has the confidence for difficult assignments

  • She has a positive sense of humour

  • She verbalizes her feelings

  • She is self-reliant

Kirstie is positive in her approach to dealing with others. She is good at negotiating conflict between others, is comfortable with most people and can be quite informal and relaxed with others. Even when dealing with strangers, Kirstie will attempt to put them at ease. She tends to mask some of her directness in friendly terms and is usually recognised as a friendly, trusting person. She has the ability to look at the whole problem, for example, thinking about relationships, being concerned for others and focusing on the real impact of her decisions and actions. Kirstie is curious, and is motivated to find new solutions to intellectually challenging problems.

If you would like to have Kirstie attend your event or function - as a speaker, guest or volunteer -

please contact her on:

0448 218 377 or

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